Frequently Asked Questions

What activities does the park offer?

In Zip Adventure Park you can enjoy a multitude of different activities. Our main attraction is climbing, however if you enjoy events on the ground we also offer Pentathlon, Bungee Trampoline and Archery Wars.

Do I need to book before I arrive?

If you arrive in a group of less than 10 people, it is not mandatory to book, provided you arrive inside the opening hours. If you want to participate in the pentathlon or Archery Wars it is strongly recommended to place a booking by mail or phone so we can prepare everything in advance. You can also book through our form on our front page.

How long am I allowed to climb? Can bystanders walk freely in the park?

For most climbers it takes around 3 hours to complete all the tracks, so it is recommended to reserve at least that much time. Bystanders may also follow the climbers progress from the ground free of charge.

What is included in the price?

With the price you pay you rent all the equipment you need in order to climb through the tracks and also an introduction from one of our trained staff. This often takes around 15 minutes to complete. The price you pay for the climbing does NOT include pentathlon, the bungee trampoline or archery wars. These are bought separately or in a combo ticket.

What opening hours does the park have?

During the summer months we have open every single day until the end of August. During the winter we also accept booking from groups. More information about the opening hours can be found in the Opening Hours section of the website.

What clothes should I wear when climbing?

It is strongly recommended to wear gloves, you can also buy gloves from our shop for 3€. Training clothes work perfectly for climbing and also shoes that stay attached to your foot is mandatory. Do not wear loose jewelry like long necklaces, bracelets or rings when coming to climb since they can get stuck on the wires when you climb. It is also reocmmended to leave wristwatches at home since they can get damaged when climbing.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept both cash and card payment. You can also use your Sports Vouchers at our park. We accept Smartum, Edenred, TYKY and e-Passi.

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