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The main activity of our park, challenge yourself to climb the tracks in the trees!

Eight tracks in different heights, with the highest one 9 meters above the ground. The tracks have a different degree of difficulty so that everybody can challenge themselves. Even those who are afraid of heights can climb on the track which are only 3 meters above ground. An adventure on these tracks will get your adrenaline flowing! Climb in nets, balance on ropes and overcome all kinds of obstacles in the air! It is safe to climb at ours, since our well-trained staff oversees the climbing. Going through all tracks takes about three hours.

Our park has eight (8) different climbing courses with a total of 81 obstacles. 

There is no age limit on the tracks, but each track has a minimum height limit. See the minimum height in the descriptions below.

You can climb without an appointment, but for larger groups we recommend booking in advance.

You will receive equipment, a presentation of the tracks and guidance for climbing on site. We recommend using gloves when climbing. You can buy them from the park or brng your own.

You can climb at your own pace and take breaks from time to time. In our park located in the forest, there are several comfortable rest areas where you can eat your own snacks and grill.

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Track one - Children's track

Recommended Height - 110cm

This is our easiest course. Even though it is designed for children, it is also a fun experience for everyone to start on!

Highest point is 3 m

Number of obstacles: 10

Track length: 82.5 m

Difficulty levels

2 climbing tracks
1 climbing track
3 climbing tracks
2 climbing tracks
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