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Adventure climbing in our high-altitude courses is an adventure that takes 2.5 - 3.5 hours. During the adventure, you get to experience high altitudes, climb, balance and ride a cable car up among the treetops.

A fun challenge where everyone can climb at their own level. It's perfectly fine if any of you are a little afraid of heights, we at Zip Adventure Park will take good care of you!

In our park we have eight different courses and four different levels that mark the height and degree of difficulty. All courses contain several different obstacles or long rope courses that are strung between the trees.

Our zip lines vary in length and are between 20 and 100 meters long. Altogether, there are over several hundred meters of obstacles in a park.

Our park has eight (8) different climbing courses with a total of 73 obstacles. 

Eight tracks in different heights, with the highest one 9 meters above the ground. The tracks have a different degree of difficulty so that everybody can challenge themselves. Even those who are afraid of heights can climb on the track which are only 2 meters above ground. An adventure on these tracks will get your adrenaline flowing! Climb in nets, balance on ropes and overcome all kinds of obstacles in the air! It is safe to climb at ours, since our well-trained staff oversees the climbing. Going through all tracks takes about three hours.

Our park is uniquely adapted to the forest and the beautiful nature and is unlike any of the industry's other high-altitude courses. Why not come by and visit all our exciting activities?

track1 Klättring, Kiipeily, Climbing Zip Adventure Parks Suomi, Vaasa & Umeå, Sverige

Track one - Children's track

Recommended Height - 110cm

This is our easiest course. Although it's designed for kids, it's also a fun experience for everyone!


Highest point is:         2 m
Number of obstacles:  8
Track length:              65 m

Difficulty levels

3 climbing tracks
1 climbing track
2 climbing tracks
2 climbing tracks
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