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350 SEK

Ticket for over above 18yr. This ticket allows you to climb in our park.


300 SEK

Ticket for under 18 year old and over 120 cm.

200 SEK

For kids under 120 cm.


300 SEK

Ticket for students, be sure to bring a student card.

Family Ticket

1200 SEK

Ticket for two adults and two kids.

Additional kids 200 SEK


300 SEK

With the ticket you can compete in the pentathlon.

Archery Wars

2500 SEK

The price is for the whole group 6-18 people, who wants to play Archery Wars. For the price you can play for an hour.

Season card

2500 SEK

With the season card you can climb at our park during our opening hours.


600 SEK

Climbing + Pentathlon

Soccer Minigolf

80 SEK

Soccer Minigolf consists of an 18-hole course that runs through the forest in our park along the paths. Suitable for all ages from 7 years and up.

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