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Safety regulations for Zip Adventure Park

  • Before the adventure starts the customer will demonstrate that they are capable of using the safety gear correctly. It is forbidden to climb on the tracks without the instructor's permission.

  • The customer is responsible for that their clothes and shoes are proper for climbing and that long hair is tied in a hairband. Jewelry and accessories that can get stuck need to be removed and pockets should be emptied.

  • Gloves are mandatory and the customer is in charge of using these during the whole adventure. Gloves can be bought from the ticket sales location but it is also allowed to use your own gloves.

  • The customer has to connect themself to the safety line before climbing. The safety gear cannot in any circumstance be taken of during climbing on the tracks.

  • The separate height recommendations for the tracks should be observed. Children under 120 cm have to climb with an adult.

  • Under aged should have a legal guardian's permission and climbs on their responsibility.

  • All climbing is prohibited under the influence of alcohol or drugs. The customer is responsible of their own state of health and decides themself if they are fit for the adventure. We do not recommend climbing during pregnancy.

  • If the customer removes their safety gear e.g., to go on the toilet, it is their own responsibility to check with an instructor that the gear is correctly dressed.

  • The customer should take care of their safety gear. If the customer intentionally causes harm, it is their responsibility to replace the damage occurred. The customer is not allowed to remove anything from the safety gear. If the customer notices that the safety gear is damaged, they should immediately inform the staff.

  • The customer is responsible of their own insurance. Climbing on the tracks may stain or cause damage to clothes, property and suchlike.

  • The staff occasionally photographs/films material on the park property for marketing purposes. If the customer does not give their consent, they should inform the staff before the adventure starts.

  • By buying the ticket the customer commit to follow the adventure parks safety regulations. The ticket is valid during the opening hours, until the customer leaves the adventure park. The staff is entitled to remove a customer who does not follow the rules.

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