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Birthday parties

Organize a fun adventure filled birthday at our park! In our park located in the forest we offer you fresh air and activities for all ages regardless of skills. 

You can organize your birthday party at our roofed terrace, which you can book for free. There is room for about 25 persons at the terrace. It is easy to set the table on our wooded long table, and there is space to keep your belongings and presents from the rain. You can even put up your own decorations for the party! For 10€ you can book a coal grill for your own use. The gas grill is for every customer to use for free. 

For a birthday program you can for example choose climbing or organize different games or go treasure hunting in the forest. For climbing we have 8 different tracks, one of which is a children’s track from a length of 110 cm. In our park you can also play Nerf Wars or Soccer Minigolf.

You can  send enquiries to us by filling in the contact form (button below), or by contacting us by phone or email.

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